H9273 backplane wiring (was KD-11F (11/03) in a BA11-N?? )

Bob Armstrong bob at jfcl.com
Wed Jan 7 09:54:30 CST 2009

>tiggerlasv (tiggerlasv at aim.com) wrote:

>The BA11-N user guide can be found here:

  Thanks - I guess I should have done this first :-)

  Actually it says pretty much what I expected except for figure 1-9 on page
1-8.  This shows that slots 4 and 6 in the H9273 are wired differently (it
implies that they have no QBUS connection!) from the adjacent slots.  That
seems hard to believe - can that really be true??  Were these slots reserved
only for things like the second card in the RLV11?

  Another question - this diagram implies that the BDV11 is always in the
bottom slot regardless of how many cards you have.  Is that correct?  Do you
need grant continuity cards then for all the empty slots?

  Other than that, table 2-1 describes the jumpers and it looks like it says
pretty much the same thing as the Microcomputers and Interfaces handbook -
W2 and W3 are inserted for the first chassis, and removed for an expansion

  It doesn't look like any of the front panel jumpers would be affected by
the type of the CPU card.

Thanks again,

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