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Quadibloc wrote:
> On Dec 28, 5:54 am, Quadibloc <jsav... at ecn.ab.ca> wrote:
>> Before the fancy smaller Decwriter, there was a later model that still
>> looked a lot like an LA36, though.
> Now I've sorted this out. The one you mentioned, the LA120 Decwriter
> III, closely resembled the LA36 Decwriter II, except that it had a
> modified keyboard arrangement; it was typewriter-pairing, but
> {[ and }] keys replaced the {} and [] keys of the traditional
> typewriter-pairing layout, following the precedent of the VT 100,
> which later was also found on the IBM PC.
> The smaller one with the much nicer fonts was the Decwriter IV, or
> LA38 (among other numbers...).
> While the Decwriter III had the same basic fonts as the Decwriter II,
> it did have additional features such as condensed and expanded
> printing, as I found out from here:
> http://vt100.net/docs/tp83/chapter14.html

I found some old papers from 30+ years ago with some APL
functions printed out by an LA36 DECWriter (II?). I have
posted them on a web page. I know the functions are *not*
coded the best way, but I posted them as an example of the
DECWriter APL font:


The noise in the background is caused by the *poor* quality
paper. My college *never* intended these to be kept for 30+

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