HP9836 hardware. software and manuals availability

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 12:45:14 CST 2009

> I sent this yesterday offlist, but now I've had a delivery failure and
> no reply.

I sent my replies both to the list and to what appeared to be the 
sender's address (I suspect he's not on the list) and to date have heard 
nothing more...

> So I'm certainly interested. I don't think I can find a use (or room)
> for five
> systems, but I'd be happy to collect and pass this stuff on (and scan
> the docs
> if they've not already been scanned).

I believe the manuals are available from http://www.hpmuseum.net/ . As I 
mentuioned, I would quite like a set of original manuals simply because I 
am still doing things with these machines and it's a right pain (read : 
next to impossible) for me to download and print anything that large.

> 5 HP9836s is probably too much for me to digest, but I could collect
> them and then pass them on to others. I'd quite like to hang on to one
> (Tony Duell has convinced me of that).

They are interesting machines....

Alsa we don't know the specification yet (even if they're -A (monochrome) 
or -C (colour) machines. 

I really can't accomodate any more of these machines, but would be 
interested in unusual add-ons that I've not seen so as to produce 
unofficial repair information for them (which I'll then share of course). 

And I would be very happy to help in getting all the machines running 


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