Dr. Dobbs to cease?

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Sat Jan 10 10:03:47 CST 2009

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> Subject: Dr. Dobbs to cease?
> Dr. Dobbs was pretty cool... up until the IBM PC came out and
> dominated everything. By the mid 80's all the Dr. Dobbs articles
> were the-latest-TSR-to-do-something-in-MSDOS and it wasn't really
> worth the effort for me to even look for something interesting
> in it. That may have marked my turning point towards classic
> computing, in fact :-).
> Tim.
 I had similar feelings. When I wrote them and said that their
articles were becoming less and less interesting, they told
me that they felt that their readers were becoming more
interested in such.
 They lost what it was that made the magazine unique from
the others.
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