"Tyrotek" analog computer

dwight elvey dkelvey at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 11 17:45:59 CST 2009

> From: hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
> I'm currently working on refurbishing a small analog computer from the
> mid-60's. It has the name "Tyrotek" on the front panel, in the middle of a sine
> wave curve. (My) web searches turn up zippo about this name (other than some
> guy using the word as a moniker).
> The only other clue to a manufacturer is "Non Linear Mfg." in the foil of the
> printed circuit boards. No model number, no identification plate.
> While it is smaller for an analog computer and appears to be intended as an
> educational or training unit, it is built to industrial standards, with a nice
> sizeable plugboard using standard IBM plugboard wires, fiberglass PCBs,
> discrete FET-input op-amps, etc., so it's not just some gimmicky thing.
> Eventually I'll have a web page for it, but right now I'm curious as to it's
> manufacturer origins. Just a guess, but one line of speculation I'm making is
> that "Non Linear Mfg." may have been the manufacturing arm of Non-Linear
> Systems of digital voltmeter fame, and Tyrotek was a subsidiary of, or
> otherwise associated, with NLS.

 Sounds intresting. I do question the date. It is more likely in the
70's. You might look at some of the date codes from the parts.
 How many amps does it have? Can they all be configured as integrators?
Any special operators like multipliers? Does it have a two speed
integrator function like the Comdynas?
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