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Most of those games are still active (as in still used) properties by Midway, Namco, Taito, Konami, and Atari.  They're opening themselves up to cease and desists and lawsuits by at least 5 different companies.


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Disclaimer: I'm not sure if posting about this is out of bounds so if
it is, please accept my apology and direct your flames to the address
in my sig. I'm not involved with the project in any way so the
following isn't an advertisement so much as a public service
announcement/ravings of a very excited VIC-20 user.

There's an exciting new piece of VIC-20 hardware called the Mega-Cart.
It includes 179 games that were originally released on cartridge
(that's all of the known cartridges BTW) as well as 53 games that were
released on tape or disk (some of which were released in the last
year). It's not just fun and games though. It also includes 24
utilities/applications (programming languages, monitors, an assembler,
text editor, terminal program and more) and if that isn't enough, it's
also a flexible RAM expander (3K, 8K, 16K, 32K and 32K + 3K). To make
it easy to configure and use, the Mega-Cart comes with a menu system
(that includes music no less) and it's able to remember all your
configuration settings too.

How neat is that? I haven't been this excited since I actually got my VIC-20. :)

If you want to know more about or are interested in purchasing the
Mega-Cart (the price is $100 USD) then visit the website:


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