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>> Rich Alderson wrote:

>>> The XKL Toad-1 was designed with FASTWIDE differential SCSI,

>> speaking of XLK TOAD....  anyone have any idea how many of
>> these things were made ?  Any idea how many are still out there
>> to be found ?

>> They look pretty cool... and other than an emulator, I do believe the
>> (physically) smallest 10 to be had, no ?

I *think* the Systems Concepts SC-25 fit into a BA-23 style cabinet,
but I never saw one.  (My only experience with SC boxen was the SC-30M
at Stanford LOTS, which was a 5ft tall 30in square cabinet.)  If
that's true, it might have been epsilon smaller than the Toad-1.

> I'd sure like to find one... be interested to see how many remain.

We built fewer than 20.  A dozen were used in-house as a platform for
the next product, which went through several years of iterating into
what you now find on the XKL web site.  (They may still be in use, but
I haven't worked for XKL for nearly 6 years and don't know what
they're using these days.)

Two were sold to MCI/BT Tymnet, to replace their 4 KL-10 systems.
These were retired shortly after the turn of the century, and placed
into the hands of the gentlemen responsible for their being placed
into service at Tymshare.  One is still in private hands; the other
was scrapped by an operation manager who did not know what he was
doing (or perhaps he did).

One went to Digital in exchange for a revision of the licensing
contract for 36-bit software.  It is now in the possession of the
Computer History Museum.

One was purchased by Paul Allen, and is freely available for public
access.  Accounts can be requested through the PDP Planet web site,
under the Community button.

One was given to a well-known collector of PDP-10 equipment who has
been a friend to the owner of XKL since the early days of cisco
Systems.  It included the only copy of the Tops-10 port for the

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