XKL TOAD (was: Re: How to tell differential scsi drives and cards apart)

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From: Dave McGuire
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> On Jan 12, 2009, at 4:32 PM, Rich Alderson wrote:


>> Two were sold to MCI/BT Tymnet, to replace their 4 KL-10 systems.
>> These were retired shortly after the turn of the century, and placed
>> into the hands of the gentlemen responsible for their being placed
>> into service at Tymshare.  One is still in private hands; the other
>> was scrapped by an operation manager who did not know what he was
>> doing (or perhaps he did).

>> One went to Digital in exchange for a revision of the licensing
>> contract for 36-bit software.  It is now in the possession of the
>> Computer History Museum.

>> One was purchased by Paul Allen, and is freely available for public
>> access.  Accounts can be requested through the PDP Planet web site,
>> under the Community button.

>> One was given to a well-known collector of PDP-10 equipment who has
>> been a friend to the owner of XKL since the early days of cisco
>> Systems.  It included the only copy of the Tops-10 port for the
>> Toad-1.

>    And one is in the possession of my acquaintance Peter Lothberg,
> unless that's who you're talking about in the last paragraph.  (he
> has done a lot of work for Cisco)


He was one of cisco's first customers in Europe.  His friend, the
owner of XKL, co-founded cisco Systems.  Notice that I didn't use
*anyone's* name who has not made ownership of a Toad-1 public

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