offer - OS/2 for the PDP-11

Dan Gahlinger dgahling at
Thu Jan 15 21:26:41 CST 2009

your message is non-sequitur...
those two subjects are totally unrelated. wow you people twist stuff totally out of proportion.

the OS/2 for PDP had nothing to do with finding the owners or any junk like that.

It was a TK50 tape with OS/2 files on it, the TK50 was for the PDP, and from a PDP.
whether it *is* OS/2 for the PDP or not, has not been ascertained, and so what if it's just PC OS/2 dumped on a TK50?

that is why it was posted that way
there were several reasons for that, not the least of which is, I presumed that someone on this list could validate it.
but no one ever offered that- instead you post junk like this interlinking two totally disconnected threads for no reason.

as for the copyright stuff, yeah living relatives, nice try. If you could find living relatives you could find the person.
As I've stated, I've looked for some people for about 20 years now, no idea where they are.

Oh yeah, public records, leads up to a certain year, then nothing. I'm gonna hire a PI to find each person at $xK per day? don't think so.

I'll take the more useful advice, post portions, with proper credit and notification, and *if* by some miracle someone asks me to take it down,
then I'll do that. if I ever get a notice, it'll be one way to find the person, or whoever represents them.

in the mean time, I'll be posting the directory contents of that OS/2 PDP TK50 tape so *maybe* someone can identify it properly.
because regardless of what it turns out to be, it's a truly weird thing to have...


> Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:41:38 -0800
> From: cisin at
> To: cctalk at
> Subject: RE: offer - OS/2 for the PDP-11
> On Thu, 15 Jan 2009, Dan Gahlinger wrote:
> > I wish you guys would pay attention,
> > I never said it was os/2 for PDP.
> > I just said that the files are os/2 and its a TK50
> And we wish that you would not say "RE: offer - OS/2 for the PDP-11"
> if it is your intent that you "never said it was os/2 for PDP".
> But, disunirregardless of that, intellectual property does not
> automagically become public domain, no matter how thoroughly it was
> "abandoned".
> Legally, In USA and Canada, it would not even count as a "good faith
> effort" to find the owner unless you also contacted all surviving
> relatives.


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