FREE: misc small hardware (mostly SUN)

Bob Bramwell bob at
Sun Jan 18 11:53:14 CST 2009

Greetings all,

I'm afraid I don't follow this list much any more so I don't know if  
anything on the following list will be of any interest to anybody.   
Since I can't bear to throw it away (sorry: recycle it...) without at  
least asking, here I am.  It is all small stuff and all I want in  
return is however much it costs for me to ship it to the recipient.   
Without further ado:

1 x Monitor Miser for SUN keyboard/mouse (gizmo that controls monitor  
AC power based on user activity)
2 x SUN DIN -> audio in/out cables (probably Sparc LX related)
2 x Female 13W3 - Male VGA adapter cables (approx. 18" long)
1 x 13W3 M - M (basic SUN monitor cable)
1 x VGA M - F (extension) cable (approx. 6' long)
1 x M VGA - RGBVH BNC cable
2 x M 13W3 - RGB + sync (?) BNC cables (probably for older SUN monitors)
1 x 13W3 M - F (extension) cable
1 x F 13W3 -> M VGA adapter plug (may be from SGI)
1 x Apple MIDI adapter (really ancient)
1 x SparcBook 3 AC adapter
1 x SparcBook 3 SCSI adapter cable
1 x Sparc 10 external speaker
1 x SUN power supply (PN 300-1038-04 - Sparc 2?)
1 x SUN power supply (PN 300-1055-05 - Sparc 2?)
1 x Sony power supply (PN 68-1125-41, Model APS 24)
1 x SUN optical mouse pad (402105-003A)

-   assorted narrow SCSI cables and terminators, various lengths  
various connectors.
     Go ahead and ask me.

1 x SUN Fast Ethernet (100-baseTX) SBUS card (PN 501-2702919...)
2 x SUN CG3 (8-bit framebuffer, 13W3 connector) SBUS cards (PN  
1 x SUN TGX1 (8-bit framebuffer, 13W3 connector) SBUS card (PN  
1 x SUN SunSwift (Fast/Wide SCSI + 100-baseTX) SBUS card (PN  
1 x Magma SP16 (16 port RS232 serial) SBUS card
1 x SUN X3652A Ultra 2 Creator (3D 24-bit frambebuffer, 13W3 connector)

4 x SUN X7003A memory (64M each, 2 cards/"kit")
1 x SUN X7002A memory (64M; just the one card)
4 x SUN X7001A memory (32M each, 2 cards/"kit")

All this stuff is salvaged and was working fine when it came out, but  
that was quite a few years back: caveat receptor.

I also have a SunBlade 100 system (1G memory, 2 x 120G IDE, type-5 USB  
keyboard, USB mouse) but I'd actually like to see if I can squeeze a  
few bucks out of that.  Offers are welcome.

Please contact me off-list with questions and requests.  In another  
couple of weeks it will be out of here one way or another.

Many thanks for your attention-span.

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