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Mon Jan 19 09:53:34 CST 2009

--- On Mon, 1/19/09, William Donzelli <wdonzelli at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Steel wool?
> No, using steel wool on many other metals will later result
> in more
> corrosion. Steel wool leaves behind tiny bits of metal
> embedded in the
> metal, and these can cause problems if there is enough
> moisture.

Exactly. You need to be careful using steel wool. And not only that, think of the animal rights issues. Do you have any idea how poorly they treat those steel sheep?

I'd try using a solvent before using abrasives. Some kinds of corrosion come off with nothing more than Windex on a paper towel. For example, the nasty green corrosion that likes to build up on low-end tube TV chassis. I'd start with the gentle solvents and see what they do to it. Brake parts cleaner is also pretty good at getting gunk off of metal. Of course, if you use any solvents, be sure to clean them off after you're done...


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