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Wed Jan 21 12:27:12 CST 2009

On Jan 21, 2009, at 9:06 AM, Francesca C. Smith wrote:
>> Not really -- it's a tabletop CPU/system box sold for OEM use -- in
>> other words a standalone unit you'd build a small system, such as a
>> process controller, into.  It has a 2 x 2 backplane, arranged  
>> serpentine
>> style, so you could put up to four dual-height cards in it.  It  
>> has one
>> gotcha -- no line-time clock.
>> I don't think your monitor unit was ever meant for rack mounting,
>> either.  Apart from having no obvious mounting points for rails, the
>> power inlet and switch would be inside and facing the side of the  
>> rack
>> if the CRT were facing out the front.  I expect it's a tabletop  
>> unit, or
>> was mounted inside something else.  Which is not to say it might not
>> have once sat on a shelf in a rack, of course.
> Ahh well no Line time clock is a gotcha. :-) Would have been a  
> little easier
> to Divine its true use if the complement of cards were still in it.
> Well then what use would this be to a hobbyist other than the  
> obvious hollow
> it out and stick a PC MB in it and create some Sim pdp11 thing ??

   Grrrrr.  That is a fairly rare box.

   An LTC signal can be generated trivially with a tiny board that  
can be buried inside the chassis.


Dave McGuire
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