Wanted: DEC Computer Lab manuals

Vincent Slyngstad vrs at msn.com
Fri Jan 23 15:36:42 CST 2009

> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 12:45 AM, Ethan Dicks wrote:
>> Also, there are Phillip's pictures of the cables on grid paper, so
>> they look like pretty ordinary crimp pins, but I'm having to guess at
>> the nominal diameter... 3mm? 

They are not ordinary, at least I haven't been able to find any like 
them.  They are brass taper pins, about .093" at the tip and about 0.1"
higher up.  The brass part is important.  I tried using the regular 
.093" pins and splaying the backside slightly, but it did not work 
as well, and the steel or whatever the new pins are made of scratches 
up the little brass rings.

>> From the cover of the student manual, it
>> looks like there are 25-ish of the shortest (brown) jumpers, and fewer
>> of each longer length, but if anyone has a documented count of the
>> number of each length of jumper wire, that'd be really nice to know.
>> So are there scans of the student and teacher's manuals for the
>> Computer Lab anywhere, and does anyone have a list (including in one
>> of the manuals) of the normal inventory of jumper leads?

I looked through the manuals, and there's no information about jumper 
lengths or quantities in there, at least beyond what was already reported.

>> Oh... one more thing... does anyone have any idea which bi-pin bulbs
>> DEC used on this?  I didn 't tear mine apart far enough tonight to get
>> bulb details.

According to the student manual, they are DEC #12-5591.  According to 
the DEC parts list, that's a CM2306.  The CM2306 is a 6V 20ma bulb
with a brightness of 0.600mscp.  (I'd guess that let them be run off 
the same supply as the logic.)

> Thanks to Dan Veenaman for this -
> <http://www.decodesystems.com/dec-clw.html>.  Now I know that at least
> one jumper kit is 107 jumpers of varying length (and may be able to
> deduce an approximation of spread from a scan of the manual cover).
> Also of interest is the GIF of the plugboard - that looks quite handy
> for documenting layouts.

That stuff is also available in the back of the student manual.


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