Wall warts; was: hams on classiccmp

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 24 12:45:43 CST 2009

[Alcohol damaging plastics]

>    HPDL-1414, I've used a few in projects here.  They're damn nice  
> displays.  The datasheet mentions nothing about alcohol, though.

Hmmm.. I was pretty sure it was those displays where the data sheet 
specifically mentioned not cleaning them with alcohol, but I could well 
be mistaken.

I was using these over 25 years ago, and there are 2 other posibilities. 
Firstly, they may have changed the plastic over the years so the more 
recent ones are not attacked by alcohol (that might also apply to dot 
matrix versions, etc). The other is that I got my displays from RS 
components in the UK, and they produced their own data sheet for the ones 
they sold (I think just the 1414 and 2416), and it may have contained the 
warning about alcohol. I still have that data sheet _somehwere_ , if I 
come across it I'll check.


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