Jim Battle frustum at
Sun Jan 25 14:18:20 CST 2009

First, the questions: does anybody know what happened to AFIPS Press?

Next, the background:

I bought a used AFIPS 1979 Conference Proceedings (Vol 48) of the 
National Computer Conference.  I bought it for a single article.

I'd like to scan and post that article online.  Although I've scanned 
other material and put it online, I know ACM and IEEE are still very 
protective of even 40 year old publications, as they actively sell 
reprints online (some of which I've bought).  This is a meaningful 
revenue stream to them.

This is from the front of the book:

(c) 1979 by AFIPS Press.  Copying is permitted without payment of 
royalty provided that (1) each reproduction is done without alteration 
and (2) reference to the AFIPS Proceedings and notice of copyright are 
included on the first page.  The title and abstract may be used without 
further permission in computer-based and other information-service 
systems.  Permission to republish other excerpts should be obtained from 
AFIPS Press.

It seems like putting it on a webpage is more akin to republishing it 
than it is copying it.  I'd be more than happy to add the necessary 
credits to the scanned document, but that might not cut it.

My first thought was to contact them and ask permission to publish this 
one article.  Despite an hour of googling, I can't find what happened to 
them.  Do they still exist (I haven't seen anything with a recent date 
published by them)?  Did they get folded into ACM or IEEE?

They used to be located at 210 Summit Avenue, Montvale, NJ 07645.  If I 
enter that address into google maps, it reports about 20 businesses, 
none of them AFIPS Press.  The Montvale New Jersey Business Directory 
doesn't list AFIPS Press either.

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