Recommendations for IMSAI-compatible RAM cards?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Tue Jan 27 15:01:37 CST 2009

Depends on how "vintage" you want to be and the speed of your CPU.

For a couple of years, I used the SSM 8K SRAM boards (64 x 21L02)--
but that was on a 2MHz Z80.  Later, I used a 64K DRAM board (Digital 
Research: Computers, I think) that used 4116s and worked all right.

What I would not recommend is the early DRAM boards (e.g., the MITS 
4K boards).  They can be very flakey, even when when they were new.

If in doubt, stick with SRAM--fewer timing issues.

As another poster has noted, the CompuPro boards were good.


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