Kaypro System disks?

Dave Dunfield dave09 at dunfield.com
Thu Jul 2 13:57:41 CDT 2009

> Dave Dunfield wrote:
> >> Hmm, the PCs with the 5.25" drives, they not so present around here... :-)
> >>     
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> > Hmm... but you do have a PC I assume.... and 2 5.25" drives sitting there in
> > the Kaypro --- there must be a way to do it, Hmm....
> >
> >   
> Coming from a CBM background, I would not have presumed I could do that.

Unlike Commodore & Apple, the Kaypro uses standard diskette drives, and you
should be able to make them work on a PC.

> Is there a document on how to prepare a suitable cable?

Before IBM decided that users were incapable of understanding drive select
jumpers, a floppy cable was a plain flat 34-conductor cable, and each drive
select was picked via a header on the drive (All cable connectors were
logically the same).

With the PC, IBM decided to jumper all drives as drive 2 (1-4) or B: and
use a twist in the cable to redirect the motor-on and select signals so
that the position on the cable determined the drive selection.

The upshot of this is that it's fairly easy to make any drive and cable
work as the B: drive in a PC (without the twist), but you need the twisted
cable to properly do an A: drive (which still has to be jumpered as drive

So what you need is a flat 34-pin cable, with a pin-header to connect to
the mainboard, and a 34-pin edge connector for the floppy drive - jumper
the drive as drive 2 (assuming you are counting 1-4) and access it with
ImageDisk or whatever other software you are using as drive B:

> I checked the main page: 
> http://www.classiccmp.org/dunfield/img/index.htm  but a lot of the links 
> are invalid.

Funny - they all check out for me. You might want to flush your browsers
cache, as I do move the pages containing the diskette images on a regular
basis because I want people to link to the main images page so that those
using the links will see the notices contained therein - in fact I moved
them this morning after seeing that someone had posted a link directly to
the system images directory (even though each of those pages has a note
asking people NOT to link directly to the sub-pages).

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