Apple Airport w/ Adapters on CL

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Thu Jul 2 17:21:01 CDT 2009

On 7/2/09, J Blaser <oldcpu at> wrote:
> Who was it that needed an Airport card for an iMac a couple of weeks ago?


> A seller (no connection) in my area appears to have three for sale, with
> iMac adapters:

Thank you for bringing these up, but a list member sent me an empty
adapter and I have a handful of Orinoco cards (w/antenna jack) already
lying around.  If they mechanically fit in the iMac (lots of room
compared to other Apple devices, as far as I can tell), I should be

I'm curious if that's $20 for all 3 or $20 each (each, I'm guessing).
Either way, not expensive.


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