probe cases group buy redux (off list)

Steve Maddison steve at
Tue Jul 7 02:52:14 CDT 2009

David Griffith wrote:
> US$3.45 each plus $5 shipping plus 3% for paypal to all addresses in the US.
>  Shipping to Canada appears to be close enough.  If you're in Europe, Steve
> Maddison has volunteered (you did, right?) to accept and remail stuff from
> the UK.

Hi David,

Let me know what shipping to Europe is going to cost and I'll square
up with you. Here's the address:

  Delft University of Technology
  t.a.v. S. A. Maddison
  Landbergstraat 15
  2628 CE  Delft
  The Netherlands


Steve Maddison

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