C64 sound problems

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Subject: C64 sound problems

> Is there anything other than a dead SID that can cause sound problems  on 
> a C64?

How are you outputting the audio and video?  There is a built-in RF 
modulator with an RCA connector that outputs VHF to a television, and there 
is an 8-pin (5-pin on really old C64s) audio/video monitor connector that 
converts the audio to an RCA plug that plugs into your monitor or an audio 

If you're using one, try the other.

If you're using a monitor cable, it's possible you have a bad cable or 
forgot to plug in the audio connection.

The RF connection is designed to connect to an RCA male-to-male cable that 
plugs into an RF switchbox, but you can use a piece of coax cable with an 
RCA plug on one end and a standard coax cable connector on the other to plug 
into most modern television sets.


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