TCP/IP for VMS 5.4

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Sun Jul 12 07:21:49 CDT 2009

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>"Zane H. Healy" wrote:
>> At 9:46 AM +0100 7/11/09, Robert Jarratt wrote:
>> >Does anyone know if there is a version of TCP/IP around that will install on
>> >VMS 5.4. I only have UCX from a 7.3 CD-ROM which I cannot install on 5.4
>> >because it does not have the PRODUCT command.
>> UCX from V7.3 wouldn't install on V5.4 anyway.  A better question
>> might be why are you running V5.4?  Off the top of my head your best
>> bet will be CMU-IP, but I'm not even sure where you'll find a copy of
>> that (I probably have it, I'm just not sure where as I've still not
>> recovered from moving).  I'm not sure how old of VMS CMU-IP supports
>> though.  If you were running V5.5-2 you could run Multinet or TCPware.
>What version of VMS was current around 1986-7? I installed Wollongong TCP/IP on
>a VMS/microVax at that time (I think it was 1986, but 1987 at the latest), but
>I don't remember what version of VMS was on the microVax.

In that time frams it would be MicroVMS a version of VMS4.7, V5 was later.


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