TCP/IP for VMS 5.4

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Jul 12 21:41:32 CDT 2009

At 9:21 PM +0100 7/12/09, Robert Jarratt wrote:
>Yes I like the VLC for its size too but I think I have broken two VLC PSUs
>possibly because I put in disks that consume too much power for the PSU. The
>PSUs just click on and off about once a second.

The bearings on the fans in my VLC's PSU are going out, and the PSU 
on the BA353 I have for it is just plain dead.  As a result my DECnet 
area router has migrated from that to a 4000/60 with a BA350.

>Funny you should mention ESDI. The chap I got the MicroVAX II off also gave
>me a separate enclosure containing 4 ESDI disks, it is apparently something
>created by US Design Corporation as a third party storage expansion, it uses
>a proprietary quad height board in the MicroVAX II. I have not taken the
>time to try it out yet.
>I had not considered a SCSI interface and I will look into it because that
>would be so much better (although it would feel a bit less authentic).

Well, in that case, I'd really recommend going with the ESDI, it 
would definitely be authentic, plus it sounds like you have all the 
bits and pieces that you need.

I have a Webster WQESD/04, it's one of my favorite Q-Bus boards, as 
it is a very nice ESDI controller.  One of the reasons I like it is 
because you can partition a hard drive up so that it appears to be 
separate hard drives.


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