TCP/IP for VMS 5.4

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>Subject: RE: TCP/IP for VMS 5.4
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>At 12:15 AM +0100 7/12/09, Robert Jarratt wrote:
>>I already have some 3100s (VAXstation and MicroVAX). I don't have any 4000s
>>except for some VLCs. I just really wanted to have a MicroVAX II and I am
>>actually very happy that it works as well as it does, a DELQA or an RD54
>>would just be a bonus.
>The VLC is actually my favorite VAX, I love how small it is. :-)
>Instead of a RD54 you might want to consider a different disk 
>interface that lets you use ESDI or SCSI disks.  It could very well 
>be a cheaper alternative to the RD54, unless you get lucky.

I'd not olly say cheaper, but then you will not be limited to 153MB.
when yo consider that V5.4 eats the 153MB about 80% a 1gb drive is 
very attractive.  

Last I looked (it been a while) a SCSI adaptor such as CMD is 4-500$
and suitable SCSI drives are cheap.


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