RSTS-11 distribution?

B M iamvirtual at
Sun Jul 12 20:59:59 CDT 2009

I am looking for RSTS-11 circa 1972 to install on my PDP-11/10
machine.  I am more interested in a "historically correct" rather than
"more useable" system.

I have a PDP-11/10 with 32kw core memory and an RK05 disk drive.  My
goal is to load RSTS-11 on this machine.  I have scoured the internet,
including and Bitsavers, but I have not come up with an
installable distribution.

My plan is to use Ersatz-11 or simh to prep a virtual RK05 disk.  When
I am happy with the setup, I will transfer the binary disk image to my
real RK05.  I wrote a program that allows a binary disk image to be
transferred via a serial port (I will release the source once I am
successful in getting the machine running).

My hope is that I can find a distribution (virtual tape, virtual disk,
etc.) that I can use to install my OS.  I am looking to learn and
understanding the process so that I can become self-sufficient.

Any ideas where to begin?


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