TCP/IP for VMS 5.4

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Mon Jul 13 11:33:01 CDT 2009

On Mon, 13 Jul 2009, Robert Jarratt wrote:

>> Please tell me you've backed the system up.
> Don't worry, I keep a copy of everything important on a SIMH virtual disk,
> which is itself backed up. Thanks for asking though :-)

I take it that this means you're backing up a MicroVAX II via DECnet to VMS
running under SIMH?  Or that you simply have copies of everything on a SIMH
virtual disk?  I'm asking as the RD53's are hidiously unreliable.  Never
count on it powering back up after you power it down.

I would have a copy of a nice VAX/VMS v4.x system disk if I'd had everything
setup and done a backup the first time I powered it up.  So I'm speaking
from personal experience. :-(


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