[personal] Eurocard cases.

Mike Hatch mike at brickfieldspark.org
Mon Jul 13 04:04:25 CDT 2009

Phil, hi.

Firstly whre are you located ?, I'm in the UK.

How many cards and what length, 160 or 220mm, single or double height ?. 
I've Eurocard (Schroff ) rack bits here in my works disposal bins and should 
be able to find enough bits for a half width rack but no case.

I presume you have used DIN41612 connectors, will you need the maying 
halves, I won't have a backplane but should be able to find sockets.

Best regards,
Mike Hatch

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> Hi group,
> Over the last few months I've been working on a clone of an old british 
> home computer (Acorn Atom), on a series of eurocards, 3 at the moment.
> My problem is I'm looking for an enclosure for the eurocards, I have found 
> a couple however they are not quite big enough, I figure some of the 
> people on here might know where I can get such a beast from. I need to be 
> able to house the current 3 cards plus a possible 4th.
> Cheers.
> Phill.
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