MicroVAX 3800 won't boot from hard drive

wverish at aol.com wverish at aol.com
Mon Jul 13 13:45:58 CDT 2009

My MicroVAX went from booting from DUA0 one day to acting as though the drive does not exist the next.Error code is:?41 DEVASSIGN, DUA0
?06 HLT INST  PC = 00000C1A.   The tape unit seems to be OK, but I don't have a bootable tape to try it with.  I bought another KFQSA board hoping it would help but it did not. The two drives seem to be spinning, but I don't know their condition. I hope you will take the time to think about what might be wrong. I have been working with Dan Snyder in PA, and he said to try e-mailing your group.

Thanking you in advance,

Wayne Verish

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