Micropolis 1015-2 floppy drive

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Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 10:02:24 -0500
From: Chris Elmquist <chrise at pobox.com>
Subject: Micropolis 1015-2 floppy drive

Does anyone have specs or even better original documents for a Micropolis
1015-2 (aka mod II) 5.25" floppy drive?  I have two connected to
a Micropolis designed floppy controller in an old S-100 system.

My memory tells me these were single sided, double density, 77 track,
100 tpi drives.  But I may be confusing them with other Micropolis models
that were used in this particular S-100 system around the same time.

The S-100 system was built by Multi-Tech Systems Inc (the modem guys)
here in St. Paul, MN around 1980,81.  It is a model MT-500 and is a
clone of an R2E design that came to market around the same time.

I wrote portions of the PROM and CP/M BIOS for this thing when I was
in highschool.  I, of course, saved many pieces of the things and am
preparing to bring one of them back online soon.

Chris Elmquist


Your memory's pretty good; they are indeed SS/DD 100TPI; there's
also a 1016-2 which looks like pretty well the same drive.

Vector Graphic used these drives with a Micropolis controller; I have
two VG systems that use them (with hard sector disks, FWIW).

The bare mechs were also used in Commodore 8050 dual disk drives
(as well as Tandon and MPI) but with custom electronics.

You can find a maintenance manual (26MB) at:
in the VG Docs CD folder.

The Micropolis controller manual is in the Manuals folder.

Good luck!


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