An interesting ebay find and what to do with scsi do-dads

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Thu Jul 16 08:51:27 CDT 2009

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> That sounds like part of a photo processing booth.  They had a couple of
> CD drives, a Zip drive, IIRC an LS120 and a multi-card reader (possibly
> with CF, SD/MMC, SM and MemoryStick).

Y'know, I just had the same thought a couple of minutes before reading your 
post - but I've never seen one with a floppy drive (or LS120) before, plus 
they've all been in custom cases (which include the control logic) rather than 
something that 'looks' like a PC and needs to connect elsewhere.

That's on the public-facing side, though, so quite possibly the back room 
equipment was different!

Wonder what the cut-out which would take a small D-shell connector is for on 
the back of the case?

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