PDP11/34a resurrection help

JP Hindin jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com
Mon Jul 27 19:42:29 CDT 2009

On Mon, 27 Jul 2009, Ian King wrote:
> > I think there's one thing you've forgotten, but it would only affect
> > input from the terminal. And that's that you need a jumper wire on the
> > Berg connector to connect the output of the RS232 receiver (for the RxD
> > line) to the input of the UART (the reason for this jumper is that you
> > can fit a different jumper to connect the current loop circuit to the
> > UART).
> >
> One thing that would help you a lot with the console cable: check out
> the prints for the DL11 (M7800) on Bitsavers (thanks, Al!).  It has a
> table of the connections, including the jumper Tony mentions.  These
> cables aren't all that uncommon, so you might be able to pick one up on
> ePay or from someone on this list.  -- Ian

Just to make sure I'm understanding this fully - this is the Berg
connector lines E & M bridge that Steve Maddison mentioned first, right?
(Which I have, in fact, completed in my updated cable)


 - JP

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