VT52 emulator (was: Fw: Still Falling for Tetris, 25 Years After Its Birth )

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Wed Jun 3 04:18:22 CDT 2009

In article <347d9b1b0906030131o2c2460d6qef0369629e5b40ef at mail.gmail.com>,
    Alexander Voropay <alec at sensi.org>  writes:

> P.S. I have the original TETRIS.SAV binary for the Elektronika-60 (a
> Soviet LSI-11 clone)
> for the RT-11. It works under SIMH. Unfortunately, I have NO good
> opensource VT-52 emulator
> to play. Original Tetris requires 0177 character to be BLOCK to draw.

Interesting!  Most stuff is OK with VT100 instead of VT52.  Is it
because the VT100 emulation is lacking in its VT52 support, or is it
because the real VT100 is lacking in its VT52 compatability?
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