VT52 emulator (was: Fw: Still Falling for Tetris, 25 Years After Its Birth )

paul at frixxon.co.uk paul at frixxon.co.uk
Wed Jun 3 07:25:33 CDT 2009

Richard wrote:
> Alexander Voropay <alec at sensi.org>  writes:
>> Unfortunately, I have NO good opensource VT-52 emulator
>> to play. Original Tetris requires 0177 character to be BLOCK to draw.
> Interesting!  Most stuff is OK with VT100 instead of VT52.  Is it
> because the VT100 emulation is lacking in its VT52 support, or is it
> because the real VT100 is lacking in its VT52 compatability?

I would've thought that Tetris would switch to the VT52 graphics set,
which wasn't emulated by any subsequent DEC VT. However, a full block in
that case would be 141 ("a"), not 177, which is DEL, so I assume Alexander
is saying that the VT52 displays a block when receiving DEL. Other DEC VTs
ignored DEL on receipt, even (I believe) in VT52 mode.


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