VT52 emulator (was: Fw: Still Falling for Tetris, 25 Years After Its Birth )

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    Alexander Voropay <alec at sensi.org>  writes:

> This TETRIS.SAV and many other soviet RT-11 games used
> hardcoded VT-52 sequences for cursor movement and positioning,
> i.e. "short" ESC "A" instead of ESC "[" "A" e.t.c.

VT100 supports these short escape sequences when in VT52 mode.

Maybe the problem is that you didn't issue the escape sequence to put
your VT100/emulator into VT52 mode first?

>  Electronica-60 was equipped with 15-IE-00-013 videoterminal
> (not sure about origins, maybe Tectronix clone ?). It had rather
> similar VT-52 sequences (K52.SAV worked w/o any problems).
> Also it had Cyrillic charset swithable via SI/SO ASCII control
> codes. The 0177 character was a 6x8 block.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elektronika_60
> and ru. interwiki
> Videoterminal:
> http://www.leningrad.su/museum/show_calc.php?n=3D283

That is one cool looking video terminal, for sure :-).  Physically it
doesn't look like any Tektronix terminal, nor does the on-screen font
shown in those photos.  Most terminals ultimately ended up emulating
two models: VT100 and Tektronix 4010/4014.  The former was for
character based displays and the latter was for graphics.
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