QIC cartridge tape compatibility

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 3 21:49:10 CDT 2009

--- On Wed, 6/3/09, Chuck Guzis <cclist at sydex.com> wrote:
> The old name for the DC6150 was DC600XL - XL for "Extended
> Length".  
> I've used 600A, 6150/600XL and 6250 in my 150MB Tandberg
> and Caliper 
> QIC-02 drives without any problem.

OK, that makes sense. So the media itself is compatible, that's good. 

Further examination of the tape I have reveals a possible explanation for my inability to read it - it appears that the tape itself is damaged very near the beginning, most likely from having been left loaded in a drive for the last ten years or so. Digging through things here, I did find one other tape. It works in the drive, so at least the drive is working properly.

So, that brings me to my next question - anyone have some extra QIC 600/6150 tapes laying around? I need some to make boot media.


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