anyone read dealers of lightning?

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Thu Jun 4 16:46:40 CDT 2009

Rich Alderson wrote:
> De gustibus non disputandum.  However, _Soul_ is very much NOT about "the
> creation of Data General", which was incorporated in 1968.  It is rather
> about DG's effort, c. 1976, to get to market with a so-called supermini, in
> order to compete with DEC's VAX (which was under development at the same
> time).

Can someone acquainted with both machines weigh in with an opinion of how they
compared in terms of performance and capability? Did the VAX win out because it
was DEC (market prominence, etc.) or because in the main it was a better
machine, or some other reason? 

(I used and programmed with 780's and 750's under both VMS and BSD in the 80's
but never worked with DG machines.)

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