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Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Sat Jun 6 23:13:30 CDT 2009

At 6:05 PM -0300 6/6/09, Alexandre Souza wrote:
>>>And no, that's not going to motivate me to write a better editor. I
>>>don't know how. If I did, I would have already done it and the holy
>>>Emacs vs. Vi war would have been over, both sides having both lost.
>>I use both.  I guess that makes me a heretic.
>    (messing with what I don't know, I wasn't been invited to the 
>party, I'm completely dumb on this subject)
>    Why not port JOE (a wordstar clone) to it? :o)

If I'm at the command-line in UNIX, then 'joe' is my editor of 
choice.  I really like that they've added context-colouring to it! 
However, most of my programming is done under xemacs or Visual 
Studio.  On OpenVMS I used either EDIT from the command-line or 
'nedit' under X-Windows.


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