Calculator repair fun

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Jun 7 21:05:06 CDT 2009

On 7 Jun 2009 at 20:43, Charles Morris wrote:

> So that's why I never throw anything away. Who'd have thought that an
> LED display stick I bought over 30 years ago would find a home in an
> early 70's calculator... in 2009. Of course now I have yet another
> vintage four-function calculator I don't need, but it still feels good
> to fix something that would otherwise have ended up in the trash.

I hate throwing things away particularly if they're not working (I 
don't mind giving away working things)  I recently repaired a 
cordless drill with a MOSFET taken from an old 1/2" tape drive 
controller board.

I figure that it's a disease.


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