Classic mac fun (and some questions)

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Mon Jun 8 14:06:18 CDT 2009

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>>> > Quadra 700

> I could easily be wrong.  It might be 4 4s instead of 4 1s.

The Q700 has 4 MB soldered to the logic board and four 30-pin SIMM
sockets.  So the minimum RAM is 4 MB unless someone has been stealing
chips off of the thing.   With four SIMMs installed, it should have at
least 8 MB, although if 256KB SIMMs were supported it could be as low as 5
MB.  I don't remember if they were.

It supports up to 16 MB SIMMs, so the maximum RAM possible is 68 MB.

Its big brother, the Quadra 900, supports up to 256 MB of RAM with sixteen
30-pin SIMM sockets.  Pretty good for a computer from 1991.

Jeff Walther

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