Stuff in Portland, Oregon

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Mon Jun 8 22:26:40 CDT 2009

Is anyone interested in stuff located in the vicinity of Portland, 
Oregon?  I'm not sure what all it would included.  It might even 
depend on the persons interests.

The stuff needs to be out of storage by this weekend, a lot has 
already been moved into the garage of our new house, and the rest 
will hopefully be moved between now and Sunday.  Some free, some not 
so free.  I'm looking to downsize and tighten the focus my collection 
since realistically I don't mess with the stuff much any more.  Some 
items such as spares for my PDP-11's I'm not really interested in 
getting rid of.  Though for the right price I could be talked out of 
most things.

My focus has shifted primarily to DEC PDP-11, VAX, and Alpha as well 
as C-64.  Though I'm hoping to get an Apple ][ of some sort up and 
running as well as a couple others now that I have the space.


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