Transistor Substitution

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I don't know where you are physically located (?) but I still think this
will be helpful. First place I check is the NTE Cross Reference Search ;$$Search?OpenForm

I've found it to be very helpful finding replacement parts and even
datasheets I couldn't find elsewhere. According to their PDF datasheet an
NTE123A is a replacement. TO18 package, 40 Volt, 0.8 Amp, 300 MHz NPN
bipolar transistor. A 2N2222 would not work well here. Hope this helps.

Best regards, Steven

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> Okay: I admit it, I am sometimes pig-ignorant about basic hardware
> questions.  :/
> I have a couple of DEC machines which I need to replace a few components
> on, and also stock up spares of others. With the transistors and diodes,
> however, I often can't find a direct replacement - and don't know how to
> figure out what a modern substitute is.
> For a 2N3009, for example, I can find basic information and a datasheet
> online easily enough - but as for choosing a functional, available
> substitute for it, I'm honestly not even sure where to begin.
> Is there a basic resource for determining modern equivalents for older
> transistors and diodes? Can someone helpfully provide me with a clue
> here?  :)
> Thanks!

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