Supercaps (was Re: IBM 029 progress)

Eric Smith eric at
Thu Jun 11 16:44:07 CDT 2009

Tony Duell wrote:
>> I rememebr seeing a 2.7kF (yes, kilofarad) capactior in a catalogue, 
>> but I think it's now been discontinued... I've never seen anythlng 
>> larger.
Warren Wolfe wrote:
> Good Lord....  How big was that thing?  And, what voltage?
Possibly an Epcos B49410B2276Q000, now obsolete.  It was 75mm diameter 
by 150mm tall, rated at 2.5V (2.8V surge).

Epcos made supercaps up to 5kF, but they appear to have gotten out of 
that market.  Capacitors up to 100F are readily available from other 
vendors; I haven't looked for alternate sources of larger values.


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