Clearance Sale News; was Re: UNIX V7

Doc doc at
Fri Jun 12 09:12:15 CDT 2009

Dan Gahlinger wrote:
> Hey Doc, what's going on with your Vaxen BTW ?

    It's sitting comfortably in my garage.  :)

    The short version is "my wife's in New England taking care of her 
sick mom,  and I'm suddenly managing 2 cats, my day job, and a huge 
spring cleaning project I can't really back out of."  Things are moving 

    I got a lot more responses on all of it than I expected, and more 
than I have hardware to meet.  I'm currently getting a detailed 
inventory and trying to figure out the best way to draw straws.  I 
suspect that the most even-handed way will be Erik Klein's auction page.

    I never expected this dispersal of toys to be a speedy process, nor 
claimed it would be.  All I can promise is that if I name a price, it's 
a binding offer, and if I tell someone we have a deal, I'll ship as soon 
as humanly possible.


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