Latest thrift store find - Ruby iMac (400MHz G3)

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Jun 12 16:45:14 CDT 2009

So to turn a bit more on-topic, my big thrift store find of the week
is a 400MHz Ruby iMac.  It looks loaded with OS 10.4.2 on a 10GB
Quantum drive, a Matsushita CD-ROM, 576MB of RAM (the original 64MB
plus an add-on 512MB PC-133 DIMM), and no Airport/WiFi interface.  I
found the spot for it - a pair of mounting brackets and an antenna
cable, but no interface. :-(

I don't have a lot of PowerMac hardware, so this is an interesting
find.  I do have the guts of a Blue&White tower stuffed into a beige
box, but this little guy is much easier to move around and store on a
shelf when I'm not using it.  Somewhere, I have Starcraft for the PPC
Mac.  I should try to fire that up.

Oh... I forgot to mention.  This working machine was priced at $20,
about 2% of what it cost new (but it had a keyboard and mouse back

After some poking around, it looks like the former owner upgraded it
from OS9 and used AOL, but did at least clean most of the personal
data out.  I should drop a larger hard drive in there and do a fresh
install of 10.4 (since I never really used 8 or 9 much, and 10.4 is as
high as it goes for PPC)


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