All this talk of Unix and other OSes...

Eric Smith eric at
Sat Jun 13 14:09:57 CDT 2009

Andrew Burton wrote:
> To my knowledge Amiga's went all the way!
> I think the CD32 had one of the embedded chip CPU's (eg. 68ECxxxx), but I know Amiga's definately went to the 68040.
> Some did use the 68050 and 68060,
Using a 68050 in an Amiga would be a neat trick.
>  but I don't know whether they were added later by users or whether they were added at the factory.
> Of course Natima is going to run the 68070, but don't quote me on that as I haven't been following the project that closely.
The 68070 is basically a slightly improved 68000 core (does not have 
68020 or later instructions) with a bunch of on-chip I/O.

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