Latest thrift store find - Ruby iMac (400MHz G3)

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Sat Jun 13 11:50:20 CDT 2009

> There must be a mounting frame I'm missing, then.  The place for the
> card to plug in is a small laptopish rectangular socket, about 4mm x
> 20mm.  There's card rails that would align a PCMCIA-sized card to mate
> with the motherboard along its long edge, but unlike an Apple Airport
> base station, no PCMCIA socket or anything close to resembling it.

I suspect this is what's biting you:

  "The AirPort Card Adapter is required to install an AirPort Card into any
   AirPort-ready, G3-based, slot-load iMac. This adapter was included with
   AirPort cards made during the same period as these computers."

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