All this talk of Unix and other OSes...

blstuart at blstuart at
Sat Jun 13 12:41:41 CDT 2009

> To my knowledge Amiga's went all the way!
> I think the CD32 had one of the embedded chip CPU's (eg. 68ECxxxx), but I know Amiga's definately went to the 68040.

Cool.  In that case, the Inferno 68020 compiler should
work in principle.  However, it has received much less
attention and exercise in recent years.  It was originally
used in building Plan9 on the NeXT and some other 
machines (including, I think, the Gnot), and was used
in an attempt to port Inferno to the dragonball on some
Palms.  So it may still need some attention, but should
basically be there.


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