PDP-8/L on eBay

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at hachti.de
Sun Jun 14 23:36:30 CDT 2009

> At least the core stack is there.  That and certain components of the
> G-series modules are somewhat difficult to obtain as spares.
Exactly. And I have those three machines... But...

> It looked interesting to me just because I have a pile of M-series
> logic and a spare PSU from a broken and gutted -8/L I got when I was
> 16 (it was missing the plexi, the core stack, the front steel
> backplane support member was detached from one side of the chassis,
> and a few of the backplane pins were broken off due to rough handling
> before I got it). 
Hm, but without front panel?

> I probably have everything on hand (including M220
> modules) to get the one in the auction working, but I'd have to dig
> deep into my pile of M-series modules awaiting diagnosis and repair
> (including those M220 modules).  Given what I've seen over the years
> on these particular machines, testing for defective 7440s and 7474s
> will identify 80% or more of the bad components.
Yes, The 7440s are highly suspect, as a short series of tests 
immediately revealed... :-)

> I'm mildly interested in the one in the auction, but not so interested
> as to run the price sky-high.
Hm, where begins the sky? For me, as I'm overseas, the sky begins 
already at $1,- :-( So I will see how far it goes.

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