repairing VT220 DEC terminal -

Pontus pontus at
Wed Jun 17 15:22:04 CDT 2009

Gordon JC Pearce wrote:
> Hang a TV off the BNC video connector on the back, with a suitable set
> of adaptors.
> If you get that far, you've got some sort of video happening.
> Gordon

This got me going :) I search high an low for a "suitable set of
adaptors" when I noticed that my vt125 has a video in and I hooked them
up. It showed me this:

The video signal is obviously not syncing up, but you can clearly read
"VT220 OK". So the logic board is fine. I guess I should start looking
for the HOT, the flyback looks ok, not like the broken ones I've seen in
a vt320.

I could not find any fuses on the video board as mentioned by Jerry. But
I believe there was at least two revisions of the vt220 video board.


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