IBM Thinkpad 600e can't get past password prompt...

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Fri Jun 19 10:03:15 CDT 2009

IBM/Lenovo implemented different levels of security from weak to strongest (supervisor's password is one of such) and reason this is not possible to recover a machine that has supervisor's pwd set without a pwd but there are work around, hence the link I gave here.
Clearing a CMOS *will not work* on this particular design IBM/Lenovo implmented in their Thinkpads/Lenovo.  This is main reason so much businesses specify the thindpads for this reason.  Same with Blackberry due to way their management with data is secure and remote management as well.  This is reason apple couldn't secure wide use in this particular area because iphone/itouch does not have security/programs running in background/management programs to control them from central site in their businesses like Thinkpad/Dell does.

Supervisor pwd locks the computer tighter and locks the hard drive out with a encoded data that is not possible to extracted without this following method to crack the supervisor pwd.  Once you have the correct pwd and entered thus, computer will unlock everything and go directly into bios set up screen and *disable all pwds*.  Then you are home free and data is now accessible once again.

Reason need the thinkpad running so the second PC running software dump can extract (snooping) the raw data while thinkpad reads the IC during boot up is raw because it is encrypted on the 8 pin EEPROM.  Then a another software is run to decode the extracted data with a decoding pass so you can find the actual password at specific location as shown.

That what wires and some easily made homebrewed circuit with few simple components hooked into thinkpad and a second PC with said software is necessary to pull this off.

This cracking methods is different across different makes and works on majority of thinkpads/lenovos.  Your 600e is one of them that you can do this method.

Cheers, Wizard

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