PCjr Telnet BBS Test

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at brutman.com
Fri Jun 19 23:19:08 CDT 2009

It's running again! Please drop in and help me test it ...

For those of you who are new, it is a Telnet BBS that I am writing 
running on an IBM PCjr. I have written all of the TCP/IP code and the 
BBS code from scratch. The only thing I didn't write was the packet 
driver for the Ethernet adapter and the version of DOS it is running.

The IP address is . That goes to my cable modem - the 
router port forwards telnet traffic directly to the PCjr. Pretty much 
any telnet client will do including the one built into Windows.

Since the last round of testing I have added the following:

* A forum area with threads
* A private message area
* Bulletins (read only files that are longer in length)
* Basic user profile editing functions
* Better telnet protocol support with performance improvements

It is a pretty big set of changes. I am hoping there are no bugs, but 
having a few people on at the same time will help flush them out and 
give me an idea on if the machine is capable of servicing multiple users 
doing real BBS functions. (My previous tests were pretty limited.) The 
machine is setup to handle 6 online users at the same time.

I am also looking for feedback on the user interface .. if it is not 
usable, then there isn't much point. I am limited with what I can do 
given the hardware, but let me know what you think would be neat and 
I'll add it to the todo list. (ANSI graphics isn't there, but I know how 
to get it done.)

I will leave the machine running for about a week. If it falls over 
before then I will fix the bug and restart it as quickly as I can. If it 
makes it a week with no serious problems I'll be pretty happy.


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